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Special Effects

Special Effects
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All prices shown are listed full RRP and in 'red' ex-tax. The UK VAT rate is 20%. Please note the net price if for non EU countries.

Series 1580. Domed Badger Hair
Used for varnishing oil paintings where a softer touch is required to achieve an antiquing effect.  A good blender for texture and depth. Mainly used for blending paint into an even and smooth coat. Also can be used to create striations - a glass painters 'must have'. ...More info.
Price From: £15.00
Ex Tax: £12.50
Series 1582. Badger Softener/Blender
With a long visible length of hair and a flat end, this brush is ideal with oil colour for softening or blending.  Used in glasswork for 'kissing' the colour and ceramics for feathering, marbling and tonal work. ...More info.
Price From: £10.40
Ex Tax: £8.67
Series 27. Badger Fan Blender
Typically used for oil painting, badger hair is coarse yet soft making it ideal for stippling and texture work. Fan brushes use a special ferrule which spreads the hairs to form a fan shape. Used for several effects including grasses, fur and often for blending. ...More info.
Price From: £4.75
Ex Tax: £3.96
Series 34. Foliage and Trees
Fine mix of coarse yet soft hair for stippling and texture work. ...More info.
Price From: £8.95
Ex Tax: £7.46
Series 35. Deerfoot Stippler
Rosemary & Co Deerfoot Stippler uses both soft and semi stiff hairs to enable a stipple effect. Popular amongst watercolourists to create trees, grasses, foliage and furs. ...More info.
Price From: £2.60
Ex Tax: £2.17
Series 40. Triangular Brush - Pyramid Shaped
A beautiful brush particularly for water colour and thinned down acrylic. Squirrel mixed with a little magic – carries a good amount of fluid allowing plenty of flow. A flick of the brush will create many different marks as shown. Sometimes referred to as a ‘Pyramid’ brush. ...More info.
Price From: £7.50
Ex Tax: £6.25
Series 445. Badger Softener
The soft delicate tips are ideal for blending and softening in oils.  Will lay on a watercolour wash quickly when a large area needs to be covered.  Also decorative techniques eg Marbling and wood graining. ...More info.
Price From: £25.50
Ex Tax: £21.25
Series 333. Flat Stippler
Coarse hair mix designed to be loaded with colour and splay open.  Texture made easy! ...More info.
Price From: £10.45
Ex Tax: £8.71