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In his demonstration Jeremy shows us his process. In under three hours, he paints a portrait from life in a single sitting. The model is none other than Danielle Lipking, the artist's wife. The video begins with Lipking talking about his materials, and continues through the entire painting, capturing nearly every stroke from start to finish. Also included on the DVD is a feature-length artist's commentary by Jeremy Lipking along with friend and director Tony Pro.

What region is the DVD?
The DVD does not have a region code, it can be played in any region.
I live outside of North America, will it play on my DVD player?
Most newer PAL televisions and DVD players are capable of playing NTSC DVDs. Check to see that your DVD player and TV will play NTSC. You can play the DVD on a computer in any region.
Where can I find out about Jeremy Lipking's workshops and Exhibitions?
Exhibition and workshop dates are posted on Jeremy's website, you can also sign up to the mailing list to receive emails about future events. Go to
Where can I see or purchase paintings by Jeremy Lipking?
Jeremy is represented by Arcadia Gallery New York, NY and by American Legacy Fine Art Pasadena, CA. For contact information go here
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If you would like to read our interview with Jeremy on the Rosemary & Co blog, please click here.

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