Two Rivers A4 Studio Pad - Mixed Colour

Two Rivers A4 Studio Pad - Mixed Colour
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Rosemary & Co are pleased to introduce the Two Rivers Paper Company as our official friends of the month (October 2013). They are the smallest paper manufacturing companies in the UK and one of the smallest in Europe. Visit their website at


This A4 sketch book contains 50 sheets, the weights vary, but on average they will be 180gsm. Each pad will have seven styles of paper grouped in fives.:

Two River's Own Off-White Cartridge paper (10 sheets, sometimes 15)

Contains chalk and are none acidic, meaning they should hold their colour well. Although these pads are not strictly watercolour paper, they are suitable for line and wash work. They are also ideal for calligraphy and life drawings.

Flecks Paper (5 sheets)

Made using Barley Straw. This was originally made for a whole food restaurant! These sheets have a natural look to them.

Tan Paper and Yellow Cartridge Paper (10 sheets, sometimes 15)

These were created to match old faded paper from the 1920's. Such paper is used for repairing old books. This paper looks as though it has decayed but doesn't decay!

Blue Denim - Recycled Fibre (5 sheets)

Made from blue jeans, which is where the colour comes from. This was a project Two Rivers headed for Oxfam as they had lots of old jeans, and there is a limited market for rag.

Grey Paper (5 sheets)

Made for Freed of London, who famously make ballet shoes. This paper is used to form the tips of the tow and act as a sort of pluf for the ballet shoes.

Mauve Paper (5 sheets)

Described as a "beautiful accident". These sheets were intended to make grey using black waste paper which became purple when pulped and proved unsuitable for the orginal client but highly popular with artist customers.

Saw Dust Paper (5 sheets)

This paper is made from sawdust from a boat building project. It is made with wooden artifacts people donated. The paper includes sawdust from the Ark Royal, Jimmy Hendrix's guitar, cooking tools, tables legs etc. This paper is ideal for pastels and drawing. A truely unusual type of paper.

These are subdued and natural colours which are easy on the eye.

The bulk of Two River's production is at Frogmore Mill in Hemel Hempstead. The tiny machine which these A4 studio pads have been on dates back to 1902 making it 111 years old!

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Two Rivers A4 Studio Pad - Mixed Colour