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Ben joined the Army at 16 and served in the 29 Commando Regiment as a Bombardier. “During that time I did many tours including training in America with the US Marines, and three tours in Norway completing Arctic Leadership training. I was sent there as a test. They thought if I could lead in the Arctic I could lead anywhere. At the time there was no one else who fit the bill for the job I was training to do. So at the age of 20 yrs old I was deployed to Afghanistan as a Section Commander.” Ben left the Army and then his personal career in 2017 to pursue his obsessive love of painting full time.

“My inspiration comes from my passion for nature and adventure. I spend hours studying how light falls on different landscapes. Light has become the main focus of my fine art landscape and seascape paintings. I love to create a sense of feeling and mood, which is only possible when seen through the eyes of the beholder. I try to capture that ‘you just had to be there’ feeling in every painting.

I came across Rosemary & Co brushes about a year after I started painting. Before then I would use shop bought brushes which seemed ok at the time but back then I didn’t have much to compare it to. 

I ordered a set from Rosemary & Co and I was absolutely amazed with the difference in quality. It really made a big impact on my work and took it to the next level. I found the effects and details I was trying so hard to get with other brushes, just came so easily and effortless with Rosemary brushes. I have always said it, and will still always say it, that Rosemary Brushes played a huge part in me becoming a professional artist.

I can’t shout enough not only about the quality but also the service of the company is incredible. I found it so easy to order and have always been fast and efficient every time I have purchased from them. I also find incredible value for money, some of the best brushes I use from them I literally couldn’t get anywhere near the price in the shops and they would be no where near as good.

Now that I had this knowledge about using the correct brushes for the job, I decided to put every brush I use on a day to day basis into a brush pack so that it can be easily purchased and I know it will be a valuable tool to whomever uses the pack.

I have selected the brushes very carefully as I was keen on the pack being fully comprehensive and a very reasonable price. Working closely with Rosemary & Co they have done this expertly.

The Synthetic Flats (Series 303) are my perfect choice for the block in stages of my paintings, they allow me to cover the board fairly quicky whilst achieving a high quality, finish with minimal brush marks, which when I paint a sky for instance is the effect I wish to accomplish.

The Classic Filbert is a modelling layer brush I use, as it’s a bit stiffer that the synthetic kind this helps with the effects I get when painting something like mountains where I want an irregular pattern.

The Masters Choice Filbert I find the perfect brush for blending and creating that sort edge, its especially effective when painting clouds.

My absolute favourite of all time (I refer to it as my secret weapon) is the Evergreen Dagger. Being mainly known as a seascape artist the dagger is what I paint 80 % of the seascape in, its perfectly shaped to carve out the waves and reflective light that I strive to capture. I also use it in on all my animal paintings for the fur, and it also is used in all my landscape paintings and proved incredibly effective. In my opinion an absolute must for a sea or landscape artists." Ben Goymour 2022

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This set contains 9 brushes (all on Long Handles unless stated otherwise below):

Series 303. One Stroke Golden Synthetic  3/4", 1"
Series 278. Masters Choice Long Filberts 6
Classic Filberts 7
Evergreen Daggers 1/4"
Series 768. Flat 'Brights' Sable Mixture 12
Series 2055. Chungking Bristle Fan (Short Handle) 2
Series 771. Sable Blend Riggers (Short Handle) 1, 2


Series 303 One Stroke Golden Synthetic 3/4" 19.7 32.8
Series 303 One Stroke Golden Synthetic 1" 25.1 36.2
Series 278 Masters Choice Long Filbert 6 11.9 24.0
Classic Filbert 7 13.8 27.7
Evergreen Dagger 1/4" 6.4 18.4
Series 768 Flat 'Brights' Sable Mixture 12 13.5 14.0
Series 2055 Chungking Bristle Fan 2 29.0 20.8
Series 771 Sable Blend Rigger 1 1.5 18.0
Series 771 Sable Blend Rigger 2 1.9 19.0

All measurements shown in mm.

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