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“My Big Brush Set is produced exclusively by Rosemary & Co Brush company who hand make some of the finest watercolour brushes on the market today. The two watercolour brushes in this set have been selected specially as my workhorse brushes and if you want a couple of reliable, hard wearing, high quality, large watercolour brushes then look no further!

Series 170 - Squirrel Mop Brush

Fantastic for producing large washes and for loose, expressive strokes. This brush holds a lot of paint and is perfect for producing large paintings where you need to know that your brush is not going to run out of paint half-way across the page it also makes painting skies a doddle!

Series 222 - Golden Synthetic Flat Brush

This is a brush that has some unique characteristics in that its retention, snap and spring are all superb. It also has a nice chisel edge making it the perfect compliment to my squirrel mop.”


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This set contains 2 brushes:

Series Sizes
Series 170. Pure Squirrel Mop 12
Series 222. Golden Synthetic Flat 1 1/2"