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By popular request, we have put together a brush set for gouache painting. 

The Set 55 consists of 10 brushes, all on the short handles. 

A favourite for all mediums, but especially for gouache painters as they hold their shape and clean well. 

The watercolour case we have added as an optional extra fits these brushes perfectly. To see all of our brush cases, click here.

This set was inspired by our good friend, Henrik Uldalen's brush choices with gouache. J

oin us on Henrik's workshop in 2022, click here for more info.

This set contains 10 brushes (on Standard Handles):

Evergreen Short Flat 2, 4, 6
Series 302. Golden Synthetic Short Flat 12, 18
Series 401. Pointed Sable Mixture 5
Shiraz Rigger 2
Evergreen Angular 1/4"
Evergreen Egbert 2
Series 27. Badger Fan Medium