Set 30 For Watermedia


The Set 30 has been put together with the watermedia artist in mind. This set contains brushes from the Red Sable Blend which offers you the best of both worlds. The 50:50 split means that the price point is more towards the synthetic specrum, yet the spring and the carrying capacity of the brushes hold like a sable. We’ve put together a variety of shapes and sizes to give you a taster of all this range has to offer. The Pointed Round Series 401’s will become your work-horse. The One Stroke Series 769’s are great for backgrounds, washes and varnishing if needs be. The Dagger Series 772 are really popular for ‘quirky’ shapes. They are favoured for botanical work, but also for making thin fine lines similar to a rigger when used on their edge, right through to a broad stroke when twisted on their side. They are a lot of fun - enjoy! 


This set contains 6 brushes (all on Short Handles)

Series Sizes
Series 401. Pointed Sable Mixture 4, 8, 12
Series 769. Chisel One Stroke Sable Mixture 1/2", 3/4"
Series 772. Sable Blend Daggers 1/2"


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