Debra HUSE Extended set


The Huse Extended Set includes the Ivory Line Huse Basics including a size 8 Long Flat.

A really long Egbert is a longer and different shape allowing to lay paint in a different manner towards the end of the painting. A few quality softer sables and mop brushes allow for adding passages between areas with a very soft touch.

The pure sable series 90 size 0 is added allowing the artist to lay fine details, on top of thicker paint when finishing, if needed.

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This set contains 15 brushes all on 11” Handles, except series 90 (Debra’s Rigger Brush):

Series Sizes
Ivory Long Flat 2, 4, 6, 8
Ivory Short Flat 4, 6
Ivory Egbert 4,2
Pure Sable series 7320 3/16"
Mundy mop 1", 1/4''
Masters choice short flat 274 6
Pure Sable Series 90 (Debra’s Rigger Brush) 0, 2
Evergreen Egbert 0


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