We can no longer ship THE FLORENCE STUDIO LANDSCAPE SET / INSTRUCTOR TOM J. BYRNE - WATERCOLOUR to the USA. The USA is the only country in the world who has a ban on importing this hair and until the next world wide meeting in Geneva, the ban remains in situ. We do have alternatives for you, check out Red Sable, The Red Dot Collection or contact us.

The Florence Studio Landscape Set / Instructor Tom J. Byrne - Watercolour

SP = Smart Points
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US$ 185.50
SP: 740
SP: 740
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"While many feel watercolour to be quite challenging, with Tom's instruction and Rosemary's brushes it can be far easier than you think!

The Florence Studio is pleased to offer Landscape classes with our instructor Tom J. Byrne.

Tom's first teaching experience was immediately after college when he taught graphics in Dublin. He then studied art in Ireland, France and Italy and brings a wide range of experiences to bear in his teaching of art." - Laura Thompson 2017

Visit Laura's website: www.theflorencestudio.com/

This set contains 4 brushes (all on Short Handles):

Series 33. Pure Kolinsky Pointed 1 12
Series 79. Pure Sable Domed Round 2 10
Series 222. Flat One Stroke Synthetic 1 1"

Series 33. Pure Kolinski Pointed 12 7.9 31.5
Series 79. Pure Sable Domed Round 10 9.8 25.4
Series 222. Flat One Stroke Synthetic 1" 25.5 36.1

All measurements shown in mm.


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