The Jason Morgan Basic Wildlife Brush Set


Jason is a professional wildlife artist from the UK and has bought pretty much all of his brushes from Rosemary and Co over the years and recommended lots of clients to use us too. Jason also has a successful online art teaching business, with almost 4,000 followers on Facebook  and a fast growing following on his new Youtube video teaching channel.

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For more information about Jason Morgan's videos, click here.

This set contains 6 brushes (s/h = Short Handle, l/h = Long Handle):

Series Sizes
Series 301. Pointed Round Golden Synthetic (s/h) 4
Ivory Rigger (s/h) 2
Classic Long Flat (l/h) 1, 4
Series 2045. Chungking Filbert (l/h) 6
Series 222. Flat One Stroke Synthetic 1"


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The Jason Morgan Basic Wildlife Brush Set