Lori Putnam 8 Brush Starter Set


This set contains a sampling of brushes to experiment with paint consistency and mark making. Used mostly for smaller paintings these are Lori's "must haves", even when she is packing for travel.

Lori is recognized for her expressive brushwork, intelligent composition, and superb use of colour, Nashville Tennessee native, Lori Putnam paints small to medium-sized works in plein air and creates large paintings in her studio. She travels extensively to paint, teach, and share her work around the world. Visit Lori's website at http://loriputnam.com/.

"This set allows the artist to make a variety of brushstrokes and controlled shapes. The long flats and filberts work well for both thin washes and thicker passages." - Lori Putnam, 2013.

This set contains 8 brushes (all on Long Handles):

Series Sizes
Series 278. Masters Choice Long Filbert 2
Series 279. Masters Choice Long Flat 8
Ivory Long Flat 0, 4
Ivory Long Filbert 4
Ivory Egbert 2, 4
Series 2045. Chungking Filbert 4


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Lori Putnam 8 Brush Starter Set