Lori Putnam Expressionist Set

Lori Putnam Expressionist Set
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Literally, like icing on the cake, this set contains 8 of Lori’s most expressive brushes. Her signature style of mark-making "really developed once she found Rosemary Brushes,” says Lori. “Before, all of my shapes and brushwork looked clunky and unintentional. These brushes bring out the best in me; they do all of the work; they provide freedom. All I have to do is let them.” Lori likes the longest shaped brushes she can find because of the sheer amount of “brush real estate.” To get the most out of these she suggests really loading them up and laying down the paint parallel to the support’s surface with a light touch; using all sides of the brush, twisting, turning, making long strokes mixed with short ones. See work by this artist at loriputnam.com    


This set contains 8 brushes on long handles:

Evergreen Egbert 1 0, 4
Evergreen Long Flat 1 2, 8
Ivory Long Filbert 1 6
Ivory Egbert 1 6
Evergreen Extra Long Flat 1 6
Ivory Extra Long Flat 1 6


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Lori Putnam Expressionist Set