Jeff Legg Complete Set


When not wandering the forests around his home in search of objects to be included in his work, Jeff can be found fishing on a nearby lake or going for a walk with his beloved cat Butch.

Jeff is an internationally known artist and Oil Painters of America Signature Artist. His studio is located in the Ozarks of Northwest Arkansas where he also resides.

“A great painting will evoke an emotional response if the artist has been honest and true to himself.” - Jeff Legg

Jeffrey C. Legg was born in 1959 in Joplin, Missouri. By the age of 12 he was apprentice to a well-known regional artist and college art professor. This relationship laid the foundation for his painting and drawing skills. He went on to study at Atelier Lack and the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Legg's oils are often described as “luminous” and “like the old masters”. His works are highly sought after in America and abroad. Among his notable collectors are astronaut Neil Armstrong and Hall of fame baseball great George Brett. His paintings have been featured on the cover of Southwest Art Magazine and Art Of The West Magazine with full feature stories as well as many other publications and books.

Legg is recognized as a Master Signature member by the prestigious Oil Painters of America. He has established national recognition and garnered numerous awards including the coveted Gold Medal at the OPA national exhibition. Other major awards were earned at the American Impressionist Society, Salon International and the Art Renewal Center. Legg is also a memember of the California Art Club and the Salmagundi Club in NYC.

"I discovered Rosemary brushes a few years back and wish that these had been available when first learning to paint. I no longer struggle with a brush that quickly loses it's shape. These affordable quality brushes are very consistant and by far the easiest to maintain. My “go to” brush is the filbert. I prefer the filberts tapered profile as they give me the most versatility in manipulating paint. This brush set also includes riggers, flats, a fan and a mop that are useful in different stages of the painting process. The fan is great for breaking edges and for glazing large areas. The mop has it's purpose in softening and blending passages such as a background. The small riggers work wonderfully for fine detail and placing small highlights on grapes. The flats make a stroke with harder edges and the sharp corners come in handy for different effects. This brush set will give you all the tools you need to create your next masterpiece!"

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This set contains 17 brushes, all on long handles

Series  Quantity Size
Ivory Filbert 1 10, 8, 7, 6, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0
Ivory Rigger 1 0, 2
Mundy Mop 1 3/4"
Evergreen Filbert 1 3, 5, 10 
Eclipse Long Flat 1 6, 8


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Jeff Legg Complete Set