Kathleen Speranza Workshop 2023

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This workshop will take place from Monday 22-26th May 2023.

Kathleen will be teaching floral still-life indoors with an indirect method and limited palette.

This workshop will be held by Workshops in Yorkshire, Craven Hall, Sackville Street, Skipton, BD23 2PB, England.

This workshop will start at 9am each morning and finish at 4pm - with a 1 hour lunch break. This length of lunch break is since the lunches are included in the workshop fee, and served at the HQ, you can grab and go quickly if you want to get back to painting! Needless to say, you can purchase many things from our HQ including the brushes Kathleen uses, the paints, mineral spirits and more… but we do not sell panels. You will need to bring those!

Kathleen will be teaching floral still-life indoors with an indirect method and limited palette.

“Some painting experience is necessary since it is a technically advanced subject. With that said, there are no other requirements as long as the student doesn’t mind being thrown into the deep end of the pool!”

We will send out a materials list 3 months before the workshop itself. We do this as things can change with the teachers required supplies and this way it saves any confusion or buying twice.

Included in this workshop are your lunches each day, the flowers for you to paint from, two evening meals and drinks and the demonstration evening.

This workshop will be held at: Craven Hall, Sackville Street, Skipton, BD23 2PB, England.

You will need to organise your own accommodation (we can help you!) and you will need to organise your own travel arrangements. If you are flying from outside of the UK, you should try and fly into either Manchester (if flying outside the EU) or into Leeds/Bradford Airport if within the EU. I can arrange for a taxi to pick you up (From Manchester, 1.5 hour is around £85 one way, from Leeds/Bradford, 45 minutes is around £40 one way). If you would like me to arrange these transfers, just ask. We have 5 rooms at our Rosemary & Co accommodation. This always sells first, and it is first-come, first served. Full payment is needed for the accommodation. For prices, and to book a space onsite, please let me know after you have signed up. I will then put you in contact with Janine. You must sign up for the workshop before we can confirm any on-site accommodation queries. We recommend if you are flying long haul, you come in a couple of days earlier and stay a day or so later so you can rest and not feel rushed.

You can see all of our Terms and Conditions and the Code of Conduct here. Please familiarise yourself with this before signing up.

To sign up with the payment plan, please click this link. Please follow your payment up immediately with an email to [email protected] to confirm which workshop you’d like to sign up for.

I'm so excited to welcome you to a week painting and learning with Kathleen. For me, her paintings are pure bliss and I cannot wait to watch her demonstrate her method in-person here in Yorkshire. It’s going to be such a treat!



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