Series 336. Extended Needle Point Posara


Having listened to renowned watercolourist Sandra Strohschein we have created a beautiful extended point brush. This acts as a rigger but with a reservoir 'belly' to enable the retention of a good volume of liquid thus allowing painting for a long time without the need to 're-load' the brush. The body of the brush is made from a squirrel/synthetic sable blend, while the needle point is synthetic.

We feel sure this will be a popular addition to your collection.

"I am so enthused about my new #8 series 336 extended point brush. The combination of synthetic sable and squirrel hairs make it the last brush I will ever need for fine line work, such as tree limbs, grasses, sail rigging or wires.  With synthetic sable at the base to hold a vast amount of water and pigment, I can carry a line forever. The synthetic strength in the tip gives me the ability to push and draw without skipping, a great advantage over extended points that are sable only. I recommend keeping two in your kit, not because they will wear out fast,  but if you forget one or lose one, you will have a spare readily available.  Also, inevitably, when I am using mine, someone else wants to try it. Best to keep two! And at this wonderful price, why not? Let's paint ~ with exceptional materials!" - Sandra Strohschein, 2016.


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Series 336. Extended Needle Point Posara £9.60