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Geraldine MacKinnon studied Fine Arts and Education at Universidad Católica de Chile. Has worked as an Art Teacher at several schools in Chile, and also as a field photographer for archaeological research in Easter Island.
Today Geraldine works as a botanical artist, getting commissions from the Natural History Museum and for a wide range of publications and private collections in Chile and abroad.
She has worked for the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh as an Artist in Residence, teaches botanical art in different places around her country, and produces her own botanical artwork.
She is a member of the American Society of Botanical Artists (ASBA) and theNTBG Florilegium Project, Kaua'i, Hawai'i.
I first came across Rosemary and Co. brushes in 2012 during my Residency at the RBGE. Then I bought 5 Kolinsky brushes and I was amazed by the fast delivery and the careful packaging.
A few months ago I bought 11 more brushes and had the feeling the quality keeps getting better. The points are perfect: you can paint really fine lines even with a thick size 10 brush. I love to have this alternative for me and my students as they are affordable, the brushes travel safe across the ocean and you get beautiful long lasting tools that perform really nice." - Geraldine MacKinnon 2017
La ilustradora botánica Geraldine MacKinnon ha colaborado en varias ocasiones con el Museo Nacional de Historia Natural de Santiago, donde fue Artista en Residencia (2016).  
Sus ilustraciones se encuentran en exhibiciones, publicaciones botánicas y de otros temas como libros de cocina y plantas medicinales. 
En 2012 trabajó en el Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (Escocia) ilustrando plantas chilenas como Artista en Residencia. Es miembro activo de la American Society of Botanical Artists, ASBA.
Hace 5 años está a cargo del Curso de Ilustración Botánica RBGE en el Instituto de Geografía UC y da clases en distintos lugares de Chile.
Sus obras se encuentran en museos, fundaciones y colecciones particulares de Chile, Londres, Edimburgo, Miami, Nueva York y Kaua'i, donde es artista miembro del NTBG Florilegium Project.
This set contains 4 brushes (all on Short Handles):


Series 8. Pure Kolinksy Sable 2 1.8 15.1
Series 8. Pure Kolinksy Sable 5 3.7 19.6
Series 8. Pure Kolinksy Sable 7 4.6 25
Series 33. Pure Kolinsky Sable 1 1.7 11.8

All measurements shown in mm.

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