Andrew Tischler Introductory Set

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SP: 228
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"I paint a wide variety of subjects that require different technical approaches, therefore, I need a wide range of brushes that will allow me to create an engaging sense of reality across many genres. Rosemary and Co make the best brushes out there. I choose these brushes for their reliability and absolute quality. I highly recommend these sets, containing some of my favorite brushes made by Rosemary and Co! These sets will give you the range and versatility you need to master many subjects from portraiture and still life to landscape!" Andrew Tischler.


Visit Andrew's website:

Visit Andrew's Youtube Channel: Andrew Tischler
This set contains 8 brushes (all on Long Handles):
'The Tisch' Bristle Dagger 1 1"
Ultimate Bristle Long Flat 1 4, 8
Ultimate Bristle Filbert 1 0, 2
Ivory Dagger 1 1/4", 3/8"
Ivory Pointed Round 1 0

The Tisch' Bristle Dagger 1" 26 48
Ultimate Bristle Long Flat 4 9.9 19.2
Ultimate Bristle Long Flat 8 15.5 29
Ultimate Bristle Filbert 0 4 11.5
Ultimate Bristle Filbert 2 6.2 15.5
Ivory Dagger 1/4" 4 18.4
Ivory Dagger 3/8" 9.2 25.6
Ivory Pointed Round 0 2.5 11

All measurements shown in mm.


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