Watercolour Brushes

Watercolour Brushes

Rosemary & Co have a wide range of watercolour brushes available. We have a selection of natural hair watercolour brushes and synthetic watercolour brushes. Our most popular range for watercolourists are our Pure Kolinsky Sable brushes.This range is made from the finest quality Kolinsky Sable Hair. There is no doubt Kolinsky Sable is the favoured choice for many professional watercolourists as this hair tapers to a finer point, holds the most pigment and wears down well.

Our Pure Red Sable range are also a great choice for watercolour painting, a pleasant extra to your watercolour brush arsenal. The Pure Red Sable hair also taper well, wear down well and have a good snap, but nevertheless will always be a great second place to the Kolisnky Sable Hair. Truthfully, it's not until you try the two brush ranges side-by-side that you will feel the luxury of using a Kolinsky Sable Brush.

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