The Anna Mason Top-up Set

SP = Smart Points
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SP: 80
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A selection of Synthetic brushes chosen by Anna Mason. This range is 100% Vegan Friendly and made from our Golden Synthetic Range. This brush set is only available on the short handle (approx 7 inches).

'My technique makes a lot of use of the tiny brushes and that means they tend to wear down more quickly than the bigger brushes in my set. Now you can order a top up of the smaller brushes to ensure you're always producing your best work with a beautiful sharp-pointed brush.’

Visit Anna's website at

If you would like to buy Anna's book, please follow the link below:

The set includes 6 brushes (all on Standard Handles):

Synthetic Pointed Spotters x 2 3/0, 0, 1

Synthetic Pointed Spotters 3/0 1.0 5.4
Synthetic Pointed Spotters 0 1.4 6.6
Synthetic Pointed Spotters 1 1.6 7.3

All measurements shown in mm.


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