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Set 150. Oils & Acrylic - Eclipse

SP = Smart Points
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SP: 436
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The Set 150 is one of our most popular Oil Brush Sets.

Consisting of 10 of the most popular shapes from our synthetic ‘Eclipse’ range, this set is designed for oils and acrylics on long handles. Available on standard handles by request.

The Eclipse rounds are great for your initial drawing, for large masses, detailed work and also for your signatures. The points hold their shape well and they taper finely to a needle point.

The short flats have a sharp edge and allow for broader strokes. When used on their side they create very fine lines. The Filbert is fun to play with. The size 12 will hold lots of paint and allow you to soften edges too.

The Eclipse Angular is one of our most popular Angular brushes (and can also be used in watercolour too!). They hold an excellent edge making them versatile to push paint, chisel into your work, create a fine line and also make the most beautiful botanical marks. This brush in itself is a great all-rounder.

The Eclipse riggers are hard-wearing. They hold a nice point, have a great snap and make those difficult fine lines somewhat easier to control with a nice snap to the brush. You can load these with paint - don’t be afraid!

The Eclipse Combers are beautiful for softening, blending and knocking back edges when used dry. If you load them with paint and flick up on the surface you can also make great grass marks. Try them for hair, fur and feathers too!

On a final note, you will notice the beautiful balance in the handles of these brushes.

We feel every aspect of the brush is important and hope you will enjoy this set! 

This set contains 10 brushes (all on Long Handles):

Eclipse Round 2/0, 4, 8, 12
Eclipse Short Flat 3, 6
Eclipse Longer Filbert 12
Eclipse Angular 3/8"
Eclipse Rigger 0
Eclipse Comber 1/2"

Eclipse Round 2/0 1.4 9.2
Eclipse Round 4 3.4 15.5
Eclipse Round 8 5.6 21.2
Eclipse Round 12 7.7 27.5
Eclipse Short Flat 3 7.2 11.7
Eclipse Short Flat 6 12.0 15.8
Eclipse Longer Filbert 12 11.4 23.0
Eclipse Angular 3/8" 9.4 12.5
Eclipse Rigger 0 1.4 17.1
Eclipse Comber 1/2" 12.9 16.5

All measurements shown in mm.


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