Dominique Medici Basic Set

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SP: 392
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"I was looking for a good quality brush that is high quality, holds its shape and has good balance. I tried out Rosemarys and was quite impressed, it was everything I was looking for. I love keeping things simple. I work with a limited palette and wanted a brush set that could work for portrait and figure as well as landscape. My basic set is super versatile and can do everything I need it to do.

In this set I like the variety of filbert, flat and pointed. The brush quality is exceptional. The Eclipse & Ivory synthetics have just the right balance of spring and stiffness. The Classic Filberts taper beautifully and have just the right about of body to hold a good amount of paint. The Synthetic pointed brushes hold their space really well and release paint with control."

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This set consists of 17 brushes all on Long Handle:

Ivory Extra Long Flat 3 0,2
Classic Filbert 3 4,6
Classic Filbert 2 8
Series 301. Golden Synthetic 1 2, 4
Eclipse Long Flat 1 4

Ivory Extra Long Flat 0 3.4 14.4
Ivory Extra Long Flat 2 5.6 18.5
Classic Filbert  4 9.5 22.5
Classic Filbert  6 12.1 25.6
Classic Filbert  8 14.8 30.5
Series 301. Golden Synthetic 2 1.6 11.3
Series 301. Golden Synthetic 4 2.7 14.4
Eclipse Long Flat 4 8.3 20.4

All measurements shown in mm.


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