Debra Huse Basics Set

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SP: 176
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The Huse Basics Set from the Rosemary & Co Ivory line is perfect for any artist. They have a great feel, not too stiff like hog bristol brushes, and not as soft as a generic synthetic.
The short flats are to "scrub in the darks", and the longer flats are to lay-in the middle and lighter values with confidence with enough paint for the viewer to enjoy your brush strokes. This technique is called “Lay it in and Leave it Alone” in Debra Huse's popular workshops.
The pure sable series 90 is what Debra refers to as her “Rigger” brush. It allows the artist to lay details on top of thicker paint when finishing (also used for signing).
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This set contains 6 brushes (all on 11" Handles except series 90):

Series Sizes
Ivory Long Flats 2,4,6
Ivory Short Flat 4,6
Pure Sable Series 90 (Debra’s Rigger Brush) 2

Ivory Long Flats 2 6 15.5
Ivory Long Flats 4 9.7 20.6
Ivory Long Flats 6 11.9 25.1
Ivory Short Flats 4 9.7 13.5
Ivory Short Flats 6 11.9 17
Pure Sable series 90 (Debra's Rigger Brush) 2 1.75 19.6

All measurements shown in mm.


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