The Faa/sweden Introduction Set

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The Florence Academy of Art was founded in Florence in 1991 and from the start a notable part of the students have come from Scandinavia. In 2006 it was therefore decided to open up a Swedish branch in Gothenburg, in the center of Scandinavia and the first students started their training in January 2007.
The Drawing and Painting Program is the hart of our Academy. The customized version of the atelier model that Daniel Graves created in 1991 has helped student for over two decades to achieve the highest level of draftmanship. Under Graves’ leadership, this program has improved over time. All of our teachers are FAA alumni. This ensures a continued deep understanding of our philosophy and our methods.
"This basic set of brushes is what we recommend to students in our three year drawing and painting program when they start to paint. The figure, portraits, still life - this set will get the student through the day. We choose the classic range because it is forgiving, it won't splay or wear down as easily." - Andreas Birath, Academic Director

Visit the Florence Academy of Art website:

This set contains 15 brushes (all on Long Handle):

Classic Filbert 3 2, 4, 8
Classic Filbert 2 12
Classic Short Flat 2 1
Series 24. Hog Background 1 30mm
Series 305. Synthetic Filbert 1 6

Classic Filbert 2 6.2 15.5
Classic Filbert 4 9.5 22.5
Classic Filbert 8 14.8 30.5
Classic Filbert 12 23.5 38.6
Classic Short Flat 1 5.1 8.9
Series 24. Hog Background 30mm 30 35
Series 305. Synthetic Filbert 6 4.3 12.2

All measurements shown in mm.


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