Leon Holmes Set

"Since being introduced to Rosemary brushes I have found no better wand I would want to wield. The rosemary brushes in my set have out lived any other brand five times over and are still in a condition like the day I bought them 3 years ago. Impressive! 
I recommend here a simple but very versatile set for plein air studies where no two subjects are ever the same. Short flats in different size are great for pushing paint around and offer a variety of marks especially when it comes to buildings, windows and rooftops. The softer bristles of the 279 series are perfect for softening edges and smoothing textures. The filberts, I have chosen 2 of each as I like to have a dark and light, or warm and cool for general use. The rigger for the signature and the Egbert is a fun one to play with and loosen things up ;)
The old saying goes 'A bad craftsman blames his tools' Maybe he has a right to if he is not using Rosemary brushes. I'm positive they've improved my work!" - Leon Holmes, 2014
If you would like to read our interview with Leon Holmes on the Rosemary & Co blog, please click here.
This set contains 13 brushes (on Long Handles unless stated):
Series Sizes
Series 2015. Chungking Short Flat 4, 6, 8, 10
Series 2085. Chungking Egbert 4
Series 2045. Chungking Filbert 4, 6
Series 279. Masters Choice Long Flat 2, 4, 6, 8
Series 721. Sable & Ox Ear One Stroke (Short handle) 1/8"
Series 44. Pure Kolinsky Rigger (Short Handle) 2


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Leon Holmes Set