Mark Maggiori Brush Set

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Mark Maggiori’s first views of America were framed within the front windshield of a car making its way from New York to San Francisco. That month-long trip, filled with majestic views of the national parks and timeless glimpses of the West, was made when Mark was only 15 years old and on vacation far from his home in France, but its impact would ripple throughout his life and set into motion his great fascination with the West.

Mark quickly began to produce some of the most audacious Western paintings of a new generation—audacious because Mark was still brand new to the Western art world, and also because he was an outsider, a Frenchman, with a profoundly unique view of the American cowboy. In the space of just a few short years Mark rose through the ranks to become one of the premier Western artists working today.

"I discovered Rosemary brushes fairly early on in my career. And as every high end product, when you tried it once, it’s hard to come back. So for the past 8 years I have been using them, enjoying the fine touch that they produce. I am immensely honored that Rosemary developed a special and unique brush for me to achieve the level of details I need in my work. I hope you guys will enjoy that set and that these brushes will bring magic to your canvas like it does for me." Mark Maggiori

With regards to the Mark Maggiori signature brush, "For such a little brush, Mark and I went to and fro until I got this right and he was happy. Often it's the little brushes where precision is of the essence and accuracy matters most. What's not to love about this guy!" Rosemary

If we get asked enough to make Mark's brushes available individually we will consider doing so - in various sizes. Please email us and we will discuss! :) Symi

Visit Mark's website:

Follow Mark on Instagram: @markmaggiori

This set contains 7 brushes (all on Long Handles except the Mark Maggiori Signature brush which is on short handle):

0, 2
2, 4, 6

The Mark Maggiori Signature Brush

One Size

Evergreen. Extra Long Flats 0 3.4 14.4
Evergreen. Extra Long Flats 2 5.6 18.5
Evergreen. Long Filberts 2 6.0 21.0
Evergreen. Long Filberts 4 9.0 26.0
Evergreen. Long Filberts 6 11.0 29.5
Series 95. Pure Sable Fan 4 40.0 18.6
Mark Maggiori Signature Brush 2 2.35 18.3



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