Ultimate Bristle Filbert


Our Ultimate range are made with interlocking bristles which offer the artists a traditional brush; but with double the interlock.

We take two equal amounts of best quality Chinese bristle and set them opposite each other so that the natural curve is facing forwards. The bristle is selected in length and size to enable perfect balance. Although this can be labour intensive, this gives the artist a hard wearing brush. 

Traditionally bristle was used by artists who required a strong loaded stroke and not a precise mark. If you are looking for a tighter stroke, or more controlled mark that retains it's shape both intially and overt time then it's worth looking at our synthetic ranges; designed for a sharp, crisp and clean edge. You might like to take a look at our Ivory range, which is the closest synthetic brush that immitated natural bristle we offer. 

The Ultimates are a favourite for Oil painters. That being said in general it's worth knowing they are bushy in nature - and do splay out somewhat more than synthetics. They are a much rougher textured brush than synthetics are - and especially in acrylics. They can be quite difficult to clean. I will say they can be used in acrylics, but they must be cleaned thoroughly and the expectation of them should be for grainy texture and organic marks.

Please click this link for some advice on brush cleaning.

We have also released a Series of Brush Cleaning videos. Click here to see those.

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