Set 105. Chungking Bristle - Oil

SP = Smart Points
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SP: 200
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The best Chungking Bristle range offered on longer handles. The Chunking Bristle are what we would consider our standard bristle range. They have long, deep flags. Theoretically, the longer the flags, the better the bristle.

The 2035 pointed rounds are ideal for drawing, covering large masses and also the little size 2 is perfect for your signatures. 
The 2045 filberts are a versatile brush. The filbert is great for flat strokes, but also idea for a softer stroke. This set is a great way to test the filberts against the flats (both long and short flats) and see which shape you might prefer. 
The 2015 short flats (also known as a bright) are most popular for landscapes. With the hair being shorter, it allows for a firmer and tighter mark. The length of the hair means you’ll have more control and arguably, this shape is easier to clean. 
The 2025 long flats allow for a fuller load of paint to your brush. They will make your stoke a little looser than the short flats, and the long flats do allow for a larger paint application. They nice thing about flats is that they keep a good edge. If cleaned well, they will do this too!
We often get asked what the best way to clean your brushes is. Truthfully, there are so many different ways and it really does depend on which medium  you’re using, how often you use your brushes, whether you are in a rush or whether you have time to clean them thoroughly. The main thing to remember is that cleaning your brushes is an important investment both of your time and your money. The more you look after your tools, the better they will serve you. 

For more brush cleaning advice, please visit our blog

Please contact us to request this set on standard handles.

This set contains 8 brushes (on Longer Handles):

Series 2035. Pointed Round 2, 8, 12
Series 2045. Filbert 4, 8 
Series 2015. Short Flat Bright 6
Series 2025. Long Flat  2, 8


Series 2035. Pointed Round 2 3.6 16
Series 2035. Pointed Round 8 9.3 32.4
Series 2035. Pointed Round 12 12.5 40.7
Series 2045. Filbert 4 12.5 16.7
Series 2045. Filbert 8 9.5 22.5
Series 2015. Short Flat brights 6 14.8 30.5
Series 2025. Long Flat 2 6.2 14.4
Series 2025. Long Flat 8 15.5 29

All measurements shown in mm.


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