The Kathleen Dunphy Brush Set

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SP: 184
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Kathleen Dunphy’s rapid success in the competitive art world was predicted when American Artist Magazine recognized her as one of the Top Ten Emerging Artists in 1998. This was just 2 years after she closed her floral design business to devote herself full time to painting. She is one of those rare people who have true passion, dedication, and a gift for transposing nature’s beauty to canvas.

Kathleen’s paintings can now be found in collections from coast to coast. She is a member of the prestigious Society of Animal Artists and has attained signature status with the California Art Club, Oil Painters of America, the American Impressionist Society, Laguna Plein Air Painters, the American Society of Marine Artists and Artists for Conservation. Kathleen was elected to join the elite Plein Air Painters of America in 2013 as one of only 35 Signature Members. Kathleen began teaching in 2005 and is a much sought-after workshop instructor.

Her engaging style of teaching and one-on-one instruction garners high accolades from her student artists.  

“The very best brushes are the ones I never have to think about once I start painting. The brush becomes an extension of my body; I forget about the fact that there’s an implement between me and the canvas and just apply the paint with freedom and expression. Rosemary brushes meet all of my criteria: the bristles retain their form, the handles are the proper length, the brushes don’t shed hairs, and they last such a long time through weeks of use and abuse.” Kathleen Dunphy, 2020.

This set contains the following brushes on the long handles:

Ultimate Long Flat 6, 8, 10
Ultimate Pointed Round 2,4,6
Evergreen Rigger 2

Ultimate Long Flat 6 12.1 25
Ultimate Long Flat 8 15.5 29
Ultimate Long Flat 10 20.1 33.8
Ultimate Pointed Round 2 3.6 16
Ultimate Pointed Round 4 5.4 21.1
Ultimate Pointed Round 6 7.1 26.5
Evergreen Rigger 2 1.9 22

All measurements shown in mm.


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