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SP = Smart Points
Size Handle Length AVAIL Price Qty
10/0 Short Handle
7" Approx
In Stock
SP: 64
SP: 64
$16.56 $16.56
    3/0 Short Handle
    7" Approx
    In Stock
    SP: 76
    SP: 76
    $19.06 $19.06
      2/0 Short Handle
      7" Approx
      In Stock
      SP: 80
      SP: 80
      $20.31 $20.31
        4 Short Handle
        7" Approx
        In Stock
        SP: 132
        SP: 132
        $33.69 $33.69
          In stock

          We are discontinuing this range. When they're gone, they're gone!

          We will then be recommending the new Sienna Mops.

          Originally made using a birds quill, nowadays a soft pliable yet durable polypropylene is used to house the brush head.

          This style of brush has become popular over the last decade with watercolourists who like expressive and loose work.  

          The Series 170 offers a massive liquid carrying capacity and must be thoroughly wet to work. They are also popular for Chinese painting.

          We also make the rounded domed version of this brush for French Polishers, Series 172. This style of brush is very different to use than a conventional ferrule construction.

          For full measurements in millimeters, please see the size chart below the image. These brushes are measured actual size. The diameter of the brush is measured at the base of the brush head, and the length from the base of the brush head to the tip. These measurements do not include the quill.

          You may also like to try the Pure Squirrel Pointed Round Series 42's. If you prefer the Mop-style, please take a look at our synthetic alternative Series 304's or the Red Dot Mops.

          If you would prefer a larger mop brush take a look at the Jean Haines Mop.

          10/0 5 18
          3/0 6.5 24.6
          2/0 7.3 24.9
          0 7.9 25.6
          2 8.1 27.2
          4 9.7 29.6
          6 15 40
          10 17.9 41.3
          All measurements shown in mm.

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