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Kyle Ma was born in the year 2000 and developed a love of nature during his childhood. He was drawn to art at an early age and says that painting allows him to express his viewpoint of our world. In 2010, Kyle moved with his family to Austin, Texas where he continues to pursue his love and affection for art. He enjoys painting En plein air since it allows him to be immersed in the landscape during the progress of creating. Currently Kyle is also pursuing his passion of science by studying Geology in the University of Texas at Austin.

Kyle believes it reinforces the idea of making careful observations and seeking to understand these observations, a skill Kyle feels is extremely important in art. Kyle’s work has been exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions around the country, and has received several awards including the gold medal in the 30th annual Oil Painters of America National Show. Additionally, Kyle is a Signature Member of Oil Painters of America, Plein Air Painters of America and member of Salmagundi Club.

“Painting, to me, is an extremely passionate experience. I paint as much as I can, and hope that I can communicate with the viewer what I saw and how I felt each time that I pick up a brush.

As an artist I am always looking to push the boundaries of what is possible with painting, therefore it is important to me that the brushes I choose do not hold me back from achieving the effects I wish to go after for each painting. I find myself returning to Rosemary brushes because they are always well made and allow me to know what to expect from every stroke before putting it down. I find that having brushes that behave consistently is crucial to painting successful representational paintings.

    The hog bristle large background and the ultimate bristle long flat brushes are used for the block in stage to cover large areas of the canvas quickly. The Ivory brushes are stiff enough to hold plenty of paint and also offer a lot of precision, therefore I am able to use it for almost any part of the painting. The synthetic rounds are great for detailed work and refining small shapes. Lastly the eclipse comber and master’s choice brushes are great for softening edges or reducing glare in shadow areas."

This set contains 12 brushes all on long handles (except Michael Klein Rounds).

Michael Klein Round 1 0, 2, 6, 8
Ivory Long Flat 1 6
Ivory Long Filbert 1 2
Ivory Pointed Round 1 6
Series 3099 Hog Background 1 1 1/2"
Ultimate Bristle Long Flat 1 8
Eclipse Extra Long Comber 1 1/2"
Masters Choice Series 279 Long Flat 1 2
Evergreen Long FLat 1 5

Michael Klein Round 0 1.6 9.6
Michael Klein Round 2 2.1 11.0
Michael Klein Round 6 3.3 17.9
Michael Klein Round 8 4.2 20.6
Ivory Long Flat 6 11.9 25.1
Ivory Long Filbert 2 6.0 21.0
Ivory Pointed Round 6 7.5 27.0
Series 3099 1 1/2" 38.1 36
Ultimate Long Flat 8 15.5 29
Eclipse Extra Long Comber 1/2" 12.7 27.0
Masters Choice Series 279 2 4.5 17.8
Evergreen Long FLat 5 10.5 23

All measurements shown in mm.

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