Brush Holder

SP = Smart Points
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US$ 4.20
SP: 16
SP: 16
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This brush holder is ideal for those painting on the move or to keep in the studio. It is ideal for drying your brushes and keeping organised. The compact unit is easily constructed, and has 50 spaces for you to store brushes, pens or other art materials.

The Brush Holders are easy to assemble. The three legs are easy to slot into the spaces. Though it might be a little stiff to begin with, they hold firmly when assembled and should last for years.

Please note that the top and bottom are not necessarily aligned by default. There is actually a certain way they have to be aligned otherwise the holes in the top and corresponding compartments in the bottom will not line up. If you have any questions, just ask!


Dimensions (built): 14.5cm x 10cm x 14.5cm

Dimensions (collapsed): 14.5cm x 2cm x 14.5cm + 3 legs

0 14.5 10.0
All measurements shown in mm.

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