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"I started using Rosemary brushes a few years ago and I instantly fell in love. Everything about the brand is perfect in my opinion. The quality of the brushes are out of this world and they are an absolute delight to use. the customer service and the family-owned business aspect of Rosemary & Co ensures that every brush is made with the utmost care and love and it is something I will always support, and I doubt I will ever use any other paint brushes from any other brand. 

Included in this set are my favorite brushes and the ones I use with my portraits and I feel they offer a wide range of techniques and uses. I added small brushes for the tiny details that require more precision and control, and I mostly use those for the eyes I paint. The Eclipse Long Flats are currently my favorite brushes, these amazing brushes are everything I could have ever wished for. These brushes are soft but also hold their structure very well, meaning it doesn't lose it's shape when pressure is applied while painting, they remain flat and the brush bristles don't go all over the place. The brushes main feature in my opinion is the fact they have that "snap" similar to the Ivory Extra Long Flats (which are also included in this set!) but they offer way sharper brush strokes due to their soft, well structured bristles. Oh, and did I mention that Rosemary & Co brushes are easy to clean after each painting session?" Ali Alamdar, 2022.

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For advice on cleaning your brushes, please click this link.

This set contains 11 brushes (all on Long Handles unless specified):
Red Dot. Micro (Short Handle) 10/0
Series 401. Pointed Sable Mixture (Short Handle) 3/0
Series 92. Micro Red Sable (Short Handle) 5/0
Ivory. Extra Long Flats (Long Handle) 1, 5, 8, 11
Eclipse. Long Flats (Long Handle) 1, 4, 6, 9



Red Dot Micro 10/0 0.6 4.7
Series 401 Pointed Sable Mixture 3/0 0.9 6.5
Series 92 Micro Red Sable 5/0 0.9 5.5
Ivory Extra Long Flat 1 4.7 16.5
Ivory Extra Long Flat 5 10.2 27.3
Ivory Extra Long Flat 8 14.9 35.7
Ivory Extra Long Flat 11 21.6 44.9
Eclipse Long Flat 1 3.7 17
Eclipse Long Flat 4 8.3 20.4
Eclipse Long Flat 6 12.5 24.3
Eclipse Long Flat 9 16.7 28.7

All measurements shown in mm.


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