Cathleen Rehfeld Brush Set

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Cathleen is recognized for her vivid brushstrokes, loose yet accurate, and use of luscious colour, Cathleen Rehfeld paints small daily paintings and medium-sized works in plein air. She also creates small to very large paintings in her studio. She finds endless inspiration in her home in the Pacific Northwest. 

“My visual diary... I love doing small daily oil paintings. They have an immediate freshness about them. Whatever you are thinking about that day sort of goes into them, almost like a visual diary. About the medium, oil paint - I like the creamy color intense luscious look of oil paint. I like making brushstrokes that bring out that quality in the paint. I try out new ideas, new colors, new subject matter from day to day, because of the small format. It is very freeing to be able to paint something and get it out relatively quickly. In school I studied architecture, drafting (yes, with a pencil!) and perspective drawing, and later graduated with a BFA in Fine Art. My training in perspective drawing helps me every day as an artist.

Over the years painting, I have studied with and been influenced by several well known painters, some are David Leffel, Tony Ryder, Kenn Backhaus, Randal Sexton, Eric Jacobsen and Aimee Erickson. I continue to be influenced by the natural beauty of the landscape I experienced during the five years I spent living and working in Mexico and South America, and mostly the Pacific Northwest where I have called home for the past 26 years.

This set allows the artist to make a variety of loose brushstrokes and controlled shapes." - Cathleen Rehfeld.

View Cathleen’s work online here.

This set contains 7 brushes (all on Long Handles):

Series Quantity Sizes
Eclipse Extra Long Comber 1 1/2"
Eclipse Long Flat 1 2, 4
Ivory Long Flat 'Curved Edge' 1 4, 8
Series 279 Masters Choice Long Flat 1 5, 8

Eclipse Extra Long Comber 1/2 12.7 27
Eclipse Long Flat 2 4.5 17.8
Eclipse Long Flat 4 8.3 20.4
Ivory Long Flat 'Curved Edge' 4 9.5 20
Ivory Long Flat 'Curved Edge' 8 15.6 26.7
Series 279. Masters Choice Long Flat 5 9.7 22.3
Series 279. Masters Choice Long Flat 8 16.3 28.2

All measurements shown in mm.


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