Sandra Strohschein Field Set

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Sandra Strohschein is an award winning artist in both watercolor and photography who resides in Michigan,  USA. She has been travelling the world both studying and teaching watercolor for the past five years.   With a huge amount of enthusiasm for painting Sandra began blogging on facebook about her art, life and passions and quickly developed an amazing number of fans and followers in the thousands.  Sandra is as passionate about encouraging others to paint and she is about her own work and has this to say.

"I believe that talent and training and a ton of hard work and determination can produce amazing results. But there are limits if the student is not equipped with the best materials available on the market today. I am a firm believer that even the beginning artist needs to use the best paper, pigment and brushes available.

I was introduced to Rosemary & Co. hand made brushes this year and I wonder now how  I managed without them. The sable and squirrel brushes that I depend on as a watercolourist are wonderful for carrying a great amount of water and pigment.  I am very aggressive with my brushes passionately digging into my paint wells and pushing the paint around the paper. These brushes are more than meeting the demands that I have placed on them.   I paint daily, all day and these brushes still after a gruelling amount of use are performing three months later as good as they did when I first opened the package.   This cannot be said about any other brush line I have used. It is an amazing brush line, hand made at a  remarkably affordable price.

I am so happy that I was introduced to Rosemary Handmade Brushes....happy enough to put my name on them and endorse them to my fellow artists world wide!" - Sandra Strochein 2014

Short handles - approx 7 inches. Long handles - approx 11 inches.

This set contains 5 brushes (on Short Handles unless otherwise stated):

Series 170. Pure Squirrel Mop 6
Evergreen Angular  1/2"
Series 336 Posara Brush  8
Series 99. Pure Red Sable Pointed Round 5
Series 99. Pure Red Sable Pointed Round 10 (long handle)
Bamboo Brush Roll  

Series 170. Pure Squirrel Mop 6    
Evergreen Angular 1/2" 12.7 17
Series 336 Posara Brush 8 5.0 34.5
Series 99. Pure Sable Pointed Round 5 3.1 15.8
Series 99. Pure Sable Pointed Round 10 5.9 26.3

All measurements shown in mm.

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