The Vladislav Yeliseyev Brush Set (4 Piece)

SP = Smart Points
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US$ 52.67
SP: 208
SP: 208
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This brush set is made from the Snowdrop range. They are 100% Vegan Friendly.

We were excited when we were approached by Vladislav to make a special set of brushes for him using a nylon fibre new to us. The pointed round brushes needed to have enough liquid holding capacity for Vladislav's style of work and possess spring and of course a beautiful taper and point. The sword was a little trickier to make as a precise angle determined by Vladislav isn't a typical request to a brush maker.

We believe we've ticked all the boxes for one of the world's leading watercolourists. We can't guarantee you will paint like Vladislav but we can at least offer you 'his' tools.

Click here to see Vladislav's website.

This set contains 4 brushes on the short handle:

Snowdrop Pointed Rounds 8, 12, 14
Snowdrop Swordliner 1/2"

Snowdrop Pointed Rounds 8 5  
Snowdrop Pointed Rounds 12 7.5 26.6
Snowdrop Pointed Rounds 14 7.7 30
Snowdrop Swordliner 1/2" 13 54

All measurements shown in mm.


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