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SP: 284
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Casey Childs is a Utah-based artist who grew up in Wyoming and first studied art formally at Northwest College in Powell, Wyoming. He continued his art education at Brigham Young University receiving a BA in Painting, followed by study with renowned portraitist and figurative artist William Whitaker.

After many years of study, Casey has created a highly skillful body of figurative and portrait work which has been featured in galleries across the U.S.A. He has received numerous awards including many from the Portrait Society of America for their International Portrait Competition—First Place Drawing in 2015 for his drawing, “Natalie;” Second Place in 2016 for his oil portrait, “Phylis VanderNaald;” and Third Place in 2017 for his oil painting, “Take These Broken Wings.”

He was most recently honored with the Art Renewal Center Realism Award of Excellence from the Oil Painters of America’s 25th National Juried Exhibition, and Third Place Figurative Category in the Art Renewal Salon Competition in 2016. Casey’s work has been featured in many publications including American Art Collector Magazine, International Artist Magazine, and Southwest Art Magazine.

“My work as a whole encompasses an exploration of the human experience. My interest in the people around me comes from the idea that we look at people every day, but we never really stop to SEE them. In every painting I strive to capture the beauty, variations and complexities of the human form.

The goal of my portrait work is to capture the soul of the individual – not just their likeness. I’m inspired by the figurative works (to name a few) of Sargent, Fechin, Thayer, Caravaggio and John Giarrizzo. John, my art professor at Northwest College, instilled in me a great love of art and an immense desire to create it. His work and ideas have found their way into mine. I see my work as a self-portrait in that the subjects of my paintings are all a part of me, each painting a learning experience and an exploration of myself as an artist.”

See more of Casey's work on his website, click here.

The set contains 9 brushes (all on Long Handles):

Series Sizes
Evergreen Pointed Rounds 1, 3
Eclipse Extra Long Combers 1/2"
Series 279. Masters Choice Long Flats 2, 4, 6
Bravura Filbert 2, 4, 6

Evergreen Pointed Round 1 2.7 12
Evergreen Pointed Round 3 4.2 18.2
Eclipse Extra Long Combers 1/2 12.7 27
Series 279. Masters Choice Long Flats 2 4.5 17.8
Series 279. Masters Choice Long Flats 4 8.3 20.4
Series 279. Masters Choice Long Flats 6 12.5 24.3
Bravura Filberts 2 6.2 15.5
Bravura Filberts 4 9.5 22.5
Bravura Filberts 6 12.1 25.6

All measurements shown in mm.


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