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''I am a Painterly Realist steeped in the tradition of Sargent, Sorolla, Zorn, and the Masters of the brush. My favorite subjects are figures, indoors or out, as well as flowers, especialy English roses and peonies, again, indoors or out. My true passion, regardless of subject, is the pursuit of light. More than anything, my intention is to communicate to my viewer my love of beauty. I invite them to co-create with me by using a lot of suggestion rather than explicit rendering.
Now in my fourth decade as a professional painter, I've found a new direction: teaching, especially through my Online Atelier, The Perrin Method. Although I love interacting with students in person, I am able to reach so many more people through the virtual Atelier. And the community that results from these courses has been both suprising and delightful. We now have artists from every corner of the globe talking to and supporting one another daily. It's just so rewarding to be part of this new global movement. And Rosemary Brushes are right there with us!''
To find out more about the Artist, please visit his website by clicking here 
This set contains 12 brushes all on Long Handles.
Series           Quantity Size
Shiraz Short Flat 1 4,6,8,10,12,14,16
Shiraz Filbert                                             1 2,4,6,8
Shiraz Pointed Round 1 3

Shiraz Short Flat 4 9.4 13
Shiraz Short Flat 6 11.5 16.6
Shiraz Short Flat 8 15 21.6
Shiraz Short Flat 10 19.5 24.7
Shiraz Short Flat 12 24 30
Shiraz Short Flat 14 21.6 6.8
Shiraz Short Flat 16 34 34.6
Shiraz Filbert 2 5.9 14.9
Shiraz Filbert 4 9.2 19.8
Shiraz Filbert 6 11.2 24.4
Shiraz Filbert 8 13.8 29.4
Shiraz Pointed Round 3 4.3 18

All measurements shown in mm.

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