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SP: 20
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    SP: 20
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          The Classics are a long awaited range designed for the traditional oil painter who likes the feel of a bristle brush and the brush mark achieved, but doesn't like the durability and the way bristle can sometimes 'splay'. The Classics are made from 90% bristle, 10% synthetic. The synthetic mix in there allows for more spring and helps when cleaning the brush.This blend of bristle and strong synthetic is 'interlocked' allowing the brush to retain it's original shape for much longer.

          You won't be disappointed!

          The Classic Fan uses a special ferrule which spreads the hairs to form a fan shape. Used for several effects including grasses, fur and often for blending. When used with less pigment (or by wiping on a paper towel) you can create the most unique marks!

          Available on the Long Handle Only.

          There is a difference between the Chungking Bristle, Classics and Ultimates.

          For advice on cleaning your brushes, please click this link.

          CLASSIC. FANS
          1 27.2 16.1
          2 29 20.8
          4 42.8 24.3
          6 46.5 32.2
          All measurements shown in mm.