Compass Atelier Starter Kit By Glen Kessler

SP = Smart Points
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SP: 352
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Glen Kessler is an internationally collected award-winning artist and founder of The Compass Atelier just outside of Washington, DC. The Compass Atelier is a school equally devoted to high quality craftsmanship and contemporary ideas. See more at

“Our artists seek to combine the lessons of the past with relevant ideas for today’s world. They are trained in a variety of oil painting methods from the 15th through the 20th century, then asked how to use those languages to tell ‘their story.’ Having an intimate connection to our materials is crucial to pushing our craftsmanship to the highest level. I’ve sampled brushes from all over the world and found Rosemary & Co to be the best. Their Ivory series is an ideal hog substitute—springy yet firm. I often explain these brushes like this: that brushstroke you have in your mind, which with other brushes comes out scratchy and full of skips, comes out exactly as you saw it in your mind with the Ivory brush. Their Eclipse line offers a just-so-little-softer Mongoose substitute for smoother strokes or minor blending. And their Pure Red Sables are the best brushes for blending once the paint is already on the canvas. They are feather-soft yet offer tremendous control. I am thrilled to partner with Rosemary & Co to offer The Compass Atelier Starter Kit full of Ivory and Eclipse brushes as well as The Compass Atelier Blending Kit made up of a selection of Red Dot Collection.” - Glen Kessler

This set consists of 12 brushes on long handles unless specified.

Ivory Filbert 1 0, 2, 4, 6
Ivory Long Flat 1 0, 2, 4, 6
Ivory Pointed Round - Short Handles 1 2/0, 0
Eclipse Long Filbert 1 4, 8

Ivory Filbert 0 4 10
Ivory Filbert 2 6 14
Ivory Filbert 4 9 19
Ivory Filbert 6 11 24.5
Ivory Long Flat 0 3.5 10.8
Ivory Long Flat 2 6 15.5
Ivory Long Flat 4 9.7 20.6
Ivory Long Flat 6 11.9 25.1
Ivory Pointed Round - Short Handles 2/0 1.5 9.3
Ivory Pointed Round - Short Handles 0 2.5 11
Eclipse Long Filbert 4 7.4 20.1
Eclipse Long Filbert 8 14.9 30

All measurements shown in mm.


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