Set 160. Evergreen - Pochade

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SP: 272
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This set consists of 9 popular shapes and sizes from our Evergreen Synthetic range. They are 100% synthetic and vegan-friendly.
The Set 160 is extremely popular for both oil and acrylic artists. This set is perfect for your pochade box, on the go or if you just prefer shorter handles for your studio work. If you’ve tried our Ivory range, now you need to try these! The Evergreen range is a softer synthetic than the Ivory & Shiraz, but firmer than the Eclipse; they have the perfect bounce.
Try them, you’ll love them!

We recommend the Small Brush Case With Stand as an optional extra fits these brushes perfectly. To see all of our brush cases, click here.

For advice on cleaning your brushes, please click this link.

This set contains 9 brushes (all on Short Handles):
Evergreen Short Flats 4, 8
Evergreen Long Flats 2, 6
Evergreen Filberts 2, 6
Evergreen Round 2
Evergreen Egbert 4
Evergreen Rigger 4


Evergreen Short Flats 4 9.7 13.5
Evergreen Short Flats 8 15 22
Evergreen Long Flats 2 6 15.5
Evergreen Long Flats 6 11.9 25.1
Evergreen Filberts 2 6.0 14.0
Evergreen Filberts 6 11.0 24.5
Evergreen Round 2 3.6 16.7
Evergreen Egbert 4 9.4 38.5
Evergreen Rigger 4 2.4 26.2

All measurements shown in mm.


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