We can no longer ship JEAN HAINES WATERCOLOUR SET OF THREE to the USA. The USA is the only country in the world who has a ban on importing this hair and until the next world wide meeting in Geneva, the ban remains in situ. We do have alternatives for you, check out Red Sable, The Red Dot Collection or contact us.


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SP: 736
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We are proud to be associated with one of the UK's leading water colour artists.  These two beautiful Kolinsky Sable brushes are made to Jean's specifications and have a perfect body and balance.  Using the finest Kolinsky Male Tail hair and handmade to our usual high standard this set is a must for your brush collection.  Two beautiful pointed rounds, size 10 and 12 both featuring a good taper and rigger size 2.

Have you visited Jean's website: http://www.jeanhaines.com

This set contains 3 brushes (made to Jean's specification on Short Handles):

Series Sizes
Kolinsky Sable Pointed Round 10
Kolinsky Sable Pointed Round (This exquisite brush is a new addition. For more information click here.) 12
Kolinsky Sable Rigger 2