Matt Ryder Brush Set

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SP: 424
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Matt is an award winning British artist living and working in Dubai, UAE. He is a life long painter inspired by the natural world, and the beauty of nature. From plein air painting in the rocky mountain passes of the Middle East to epic scale studio landscapes and delicate flower compositions, Matt enjoys painting it all. His set consists of what he finds to be the most useful brushes in his arsenal and he uses them for everything; in the studio and in the great outdoors.

“Why Rosemary brushes? I’ve used so many different brands over the years but always
felt something was missing when it came to translating my ideas onto the canvas. The brush is a direct extension of the artist’s hand and it was only when I discovered Rosemary and
co that I realised it could be seamless.

What makes it even better is the personal aspect of the company, Rosemary and Symi make every artist feel that they are a part of the business, all growing together, sharing ideas to make both the brushes and the artist the best they can be. It’s a seamless union and I really don’t think I’ve ever seen that in a company before. Backed up by the outstanding quality of their brushes and amazing customer service, it’s an honour that I now have a set with both my name and Rosemary’s on it.” Matt Ryder, 2021

This set contains 10 brushes (all on Long Handles):

Ivory Long Flat 1 2, 5, 12
Ivory Pointed Round 1 12
Eclipse Long Flat 1 2, 4, 5
Eclipse XL Comber 1 1/4". 1/2"
Red Dot Pointed Round 1 2


Ivory Long Flat 2 6 15.5
Ivory Long Flat 5 10.5 23
Ivory Long Flat 12 24.5 39.4
Ivory Pointed Round 12 13.5 26.3
Eclipse Long Flat 2 4.5 17.8
Eclipse Long Flat 4 8.3 20.4
Eclipse Long Flat 5 9.7 22.3
Eclipse XL Comber 1/4"  7.6 22.1
Eclipse XL Comber 1/2" 12.7 27
Red Dot Pointed Round 2 2 14.1

All measurements shown in mm.

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