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Michael Klein Floral Set

SP = Smart Points
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SP: 420
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Michael Klein is part of a group of American artists leading the revival of representational painting hearkening back to the Renaissance and French Academic traditions.

“What I enjoy about this set is the versatility that comes along with it. You have a larger bristle brush, Series 3099. Hog Background for laying in big areas even on smaller canvases. The decision to include both sable brushes and synthetic rounds keeps the cost lower while giving the professional artist the choice of the best brushes on the market. The Ivory Pointed rounds are some of my favourite for figurative art as well as the floral paintings. I use them in different ways for each genre. Last but not least is the Pure Sable fan brush. This is essential for knocking down edges with the slightest touch to the painting” Michael Klein, 2024.

We asked Michael one brush you cannot live without?

My favorite brush is the Michael Klein Synthethic Pointed Rounds - Size 8 from this set. It’s big enough to work any size painting and I can maneuver it into a point for small areas.

Visit Michael's website:

Follow Michael on Instagram: @michaelkleinpaintings

Watch Michael Klein's Brush Set introduction here.

This set contains 12 brushes (all on Short 7" Handles):

Series Quantity Sizes
Series 3099. Hog Bristle Large Background 1 1.5"
Series 95. Pure Sable Fan  1 6
Series 99. Pointed Pure Sable 1 3
Ivory Pointed Rounds 1 8, 6, 4, 1
Series 77. Pure Sable 'Brights' 1 4
Michael Klein Synthethic Pointed Rounds  1 2, 6, 8, 12


Series 3099. Hog Bristle Large Background 1.5inch 38.1 36
Series 95. Pure Sable Fan 6 47 24.6
Series 99. Pointed Pure Sable 3 1.95 12.8
Ivory Pointed Rounds 8 9.0 32.5
Ivory Pointed Rounds 6 7.5 27.0
Ivory Pointed Rounds 4 5.2 21.5
Ivory Pointed Rounds 1 2.7 12
Series 77. Pure Sable 'Brights' 4 10.9 12.1
Michael Klein Synthetic Pointed Rounds 2 2.1 11.0
Michael Klein Synthetic Pointed Rounds 6 3.3 17.9
Michael Klein Synthetic Pointed Rounds 8 4.2 20.6
Michael Klein Synthetic Pointed Rounds 12 6.8 26.9

All measurements shown in mm.


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