Michael Klein Botanical Set

SP = Smart Points
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SP: 108
SP: 108
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Michael Klein is part of a group of American artists leading the revival of representational painting hearkening back to the Renaissance and French Academic traditions.

'"Everyone has learned after testing Rosemary and Co's brushes that they are simply the best handmade brushes on the market. What I enjoy about this set is the versatility that comes along with it." Michael Klein

Please visit Michael's website by clicking here.

Please note: The Synthetic Pointed Rounds now available as singles - please click here

This set contains 7 brushes (all on Short Handles)

Series Sizes
Synthetic Pointed Round 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12



Watch Michael Klein's Brush Set introduction below:

Synthetic Pointed Round 0 1.6 9.6
Synthetic Pointed Round 2 2.1 11.0
Synthetic Pointed Round 4 2.9 15.0
Synthetic Pointed Round 6 3.3 17.9
Synthetic Pointed Round 8 4.2 20.6
Synthetic Pointed Round 10 5.1 24.5
Synthetic Pointed Round 12 6.8 26.9

All measurements shown in mm.


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