Series 39. Pure Squirrel Swords

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1/4" Short Handle
7" Approx
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SP: 68
SP: 68
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    3/8" Short Handle
    7" Approx
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    SP: 80
    SP: 80
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      1/2" Short Handle
      7" Approx
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      SP: 112
      SP: 112
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        Pure Squirrel hair points as well as Kolinsky and Red sable, but has very little 'snap' because the hair isn't very resilient. We use a mix of Canadian and Russian Squirrel hair. As with all of our brushes, this range is handmade to the highest quality and provides the Watercolourist with a hair that carries and distributes water well.  

        The thin, sharp edge of the Series 39 is perfect for thin, fine lines. When used on their side, they create a broad stroke. 

        Our best tip is to use the swordliner away from yourself for a more delicate & finer line. 

        If you prefer more 'snap' in your brush, you might want to take a look at the Series 309; or alternative for a half-way, the Series 770 from the Red Sable Blend range. The cream of the crop would be the Series 60 Kolinsky Sable Swordliner. We also offer the swordliner in a variety of synthetics (which are vegan friendly). 

        A favourite for thin, fine & controlled lines - maybe where the hand is not steady with a rigger. The squirrel hair is a favourite for flooding the paper with pigment & water. 

        The Series 39 work best in watercolours & inks. 

        For advice on cleaning your brushes, please click this link.


        1/4" 7.5 40.5
        3/8" 10.5 44.0
        1/2" 13.5 44.5
        All measurements shown in mm.

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