Set 65 - Red Dot Collection Intro Set

SP = Smart Points
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US$ 66.82
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SP: 264
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The Set 65 is proving to be a popular set here at Rosemary & Co. We have carefully hand-selected an introductory set of brushes from our new Red Dot Collection. A synthetic fibre to replicate Kolsinky Sable like never before!

With all the qualities of natural hair, but 100% synthetic. This range is so exciting for Rosemary & Co!

Works beautifully in watercolour, oil & acrylic and infact, all mediums. 

Ideal for artists, model painters and just about anyone look for a sable substitute. Vegan friendly and economically priced.

This set contains 7 brushes (all on Short Handles):

Red Dot Pointed Round 6, 8, 12
Red Dot One Stroke/Long Flats 3/4"
Red Dot Rigger 2
Red Dot Dagger 3/8"
Red Dot Fan 4

Red Dot Pointed Round 6 3.9 20
Red Dot Pointed Round 8 5.2 24.2
Red Dot Pointed Round 12 7.9 31.5
Red Dot One Stroke/Long Flat 3/4" 19.7 31.8
Red Dot Riggers 2 2 22
Red Dot Daggers 3/8" 9.4 25.5
Red Dot Fans 4 49 23.2

All measurements shown in mm.


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