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SP: 704
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“The Eclipse Extra Long Combers in my set are a group of brushes that allow an amazing amount of mark making range, from loose and flicking, to razor-sharp edges, to small pointed details. Less firm than many other brushes, they work well with a painting medium that lowers the viscosity of paint, allowing the brushes to pick up, mix, and apply paint with ease. Controlling the correct amount of medium (or oil) allows one to shape the brush for maximum versatility: patted down it can create a sharp chiselled edge, great for lines; twirled it creates a fine point, perfect for details and accents; smashed against the palette it can temporarily splay to get the characteristic “claw marks” that add a beautiful calligraphy to paintings.

Paint applied its consistency directly from the tube, with the brush sympathetic (or parallel) to the canvas, and pressure applied close to the ferrule, produces wonderful dry brush marks. A comber loaded with paint the consistency directly from the tube can create an organic impasto to add a strong finishing touch to paintings. Finally, few brushes are better at softening (while maintaining the characteristic look of a brush mark) than a clean and dry comber.

The other brushes in my set flush out the range of paint application techniques. The large ultimate long flat bristle allows for early washes and toning: The Ivory filbert is perfect for drawing large lines or massing in under-painting shapes. The smaller ivories allow paint tube consistency paint build-up on top of comber layers, as well as final controlled, small accents. The Master’s choice is a remarkable softener, shaper, or body paint applier when the situation calls for something more controlled and less abstract than the looseness created by the eclipse xl comber.

Overall I feel that my set is ideal for those wanting to create organic, dynamic paintings, especially those utilizing splashing, loose brushwork. It’s variety of mark-making in this regard is unparalleled.”

For more information please visit Tim's website here

This set contains 15 brushes (all on Long Handles):


Ivory Filbert 2 1, 5
Ivory Filbert 1 14
Ultimate Long Flat 1 14
Series 279 Masters Choice Long Flat 1 5
Eclipse Extra Long Comber 2 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", 5/8"

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