Set 45. Landscape For All Mediums

SP = Smart Points
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SP: 384
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Rosemary & Co no longer make the M J Smith sets, Michael decided to outsource from overseas. The brushes in his 'old' sets are our standard lines and weren't unique to Michael, they just happened to be his 'go to & favourite' brushes of ours. We have our own in-house sets of these brushes so as to make ordering easy for you.
The Set 45 contains 16 brushes from various ranges to help you achieve landscapes, foliage, trees, grasses and so forth. It's very popular as a go-to landscape set. We also offer the Set 45 Top-Up Set. 
The Series 401 and Series 771 are from our Red Sable Blend ranges. They offer the best of both worlds, with the price tag of synthetic but the carrying capacity and tapered point of a sable. They are what we call a half-way-house, if you've never tried sables before, the Red Sable Blend are a great introduction to the benefits of Pure Red Sable.
The Series 301 and Series 2230 are from the Golden Synthetic range. The Ivory Short flat is also synthetic. They are 100% Vegan Friendly.
The Series 27 are made with badger hair and are excellent for helping to create the archs on trees, and when turned back on yourself, they make great organic grasses too.
The Series 32 is also made with badger hair; perfect for foliage, trees & texture and creating lots of lines with one stroke.
The Series 2055 is a bristle fan, which is great for creating a shadow on water, for building up texture and for general landscape marks.

A favourite for all mediums, but especially for acrylic and oil painters as they hold their shape and clean well. 

The Small Brush Case With Stand we have added as an optional extra fits these brushes perfectly. To see all of our brush cases, click here.

For advice on cleaning your brushes, please click this link.

This set contains 16 brushes (all on Short Handles):

Series 401. Pointed Sable Mixture 1 1.5 11.5
Series 401. Pointed Sable Mixture 2 2 12.5
Series 771. Sable Blend Riggers 0 1 16.5
Series 771. Sable Blend Riggers 1 1.5 18
Series 771. Sable Blend Riggers 2 1.9 19
Series 302. Short Flat Golden Synthetic  8 8 12.4
Series 302. Sable Blend Riggers 16 17 20.9
Series 302. Sable Blend Riggers 20 20.5 24.3
Series 2230 New 'Spiky Comber' Golden Synthetic 1/2 12.8 20.4
Series 2230 New 'Spiky Comber' Golden Synthetic 3/8 9.7 16.4
Series 27. Badger Fan Blender Medium 35 23
Tree & Texture Brush. Series 32 3/8 9.8 15.8
Ivory Short Flats 0 3.5 7.2
Ivory Short Flats 1 5.2 8.6
Series 2055. Chunking Bristle Fan 1 27.2 16.1
Series 2055. Chunking Bristle Fan 2 29 20.8

All measurements shown in mm.


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