We can no longer ship NATURES DETAILS BRUSH SET to the USA. The USA is the only country in the world who has a ban on importing this hair and until the next world wide meeting in Geneva, the ban remains in situ. We do have alternatives for you, check out Red Sable, The Red Dot Collection or contact us.

Natures Details Brush Set

SP = Smart Points
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US$ 43.16
SP: 172
SP: 172
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The brushes in the ‘Natures Details’ set have been chosen by Sarah due to their consistent quality and durability.
"There is a good range to cover many techniques for painting detail. From the fine hair of a Harvest mouse to the speckles on an egg. The Series 8 size 4 is great for initial washes, to the size 2 for smaller areas. The Series 8 also forms a precise tapered point for 'drawing' and flow
whilst having the 'belly' in just the right place to carry liquid elegantly. The length of the head being shorter than a 'designer' (Series 22) and longer than a regular (Series 33) The Series 323spotter size 2 in the set is perfect for the early stages of detail and progressing through to dry brush technique, and to refine it even further with the Series 66 size 0. You will not be disappointed and this set is versatile for both botanical and natural history illustration. I’ve been buying brushes from Rosemary and Co for several years now and have also recommended them to my students.
Rosemary & Co brushes are the main ones I use for both painting on paper and vellum. As time went on I thought it would be great to have a brush set to promote to my students and to make buying brushes easier for them. Rosemary & Co offer consistent quality and durability, they
are delivered promptly and are packaged really well to avoid damaging the brushes in transit. On top of that they are British made, which I am all for" Sarah Morrish 2019.
Sarah combines science and art in producing paintings and illustrations that immerse you in many aspects of the natural world and its processes.  She hopes to raise awareness of the beauty and fragility of nature in all its forms - from individual species to declining habitats.  Fieldwork and drawing from life play a large part in the process, along with research; growing and nurturing botanical subjects and working from museum specimens.  Her love of exploration, both near and far, combines with her ecological knowledge; developing her garden to benefit wildlife; and, a passion for teaching.  Her courses, workshops and personal tuition seek to inspire, encourage and motivate artists of any level of experience.  Teaching approaches are carefully planned and structured to suit group learning experiences as well as individual needs, both in person and online.
For more information about the Artist please visit Sarah's website

This set contains 4 brushes ( all on short handle )

Series 8. Pointed Round 1 2, 4
Series 323. Pure Kolinsky Spotters 1 2
Series 66. Pure Kolinsky Filbert 1 0



Series 8. Pointed Round 2 1.8 15.1
Series 8. Pointed Round 4 3 17
Series 323. Pure Kolinsky Spotters 2 2.6 8.5
Series 66. Pure Kolinski Filbert 0 1.9 6.6

All measurements shown in mm.


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