C.w. Mundy Brush Set

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SP: 456
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Currently based in Indianapolis, C.W. Mundy is a Master Signature Member of the Oil Painters of America. C.W holds Master Status with the American Impressionist Society, and regularly sells out his workshops within the USA.

What age did you start painting?

“In 1965, at the age of 20, I painted my first “oil”. It was kind of a cross between realism and the animation of Walt Disney. I pictured a Model T Ford coming through a covered bridge at night, and the lights lit up the whole side of the bridge and sent rays shooting through the cracks of the wooden walls of the bridge. In preparation for that, I was doodling and drawing from about the age of 3 – 4 years. I did my first ‘posters’ at the age of seven.’’

What is one piece of advice you would give to an artist?

“To paint the integrity of yourself and paint for yourself, not for an audience. Study and work very hard at your craft. Donald “Putt” Putman told me “it’s mileage and value!”

What is the one brush you couldn’t live without?

“The brush I can’t live without? Well, hello! This is a no-brainer! Natural hair long flats!’’

If you would like to read our interview with C.W. Mundy in the Rosemary & Co blog please click here.

Visit C.W's website here: https://cwmundy.com

Follow C.W on Instagram here: @C.W.Mundy

For advise on cleaning your brushes, please click this link.

This set contains 12 brushes (all on Long Handles):

Series  Sizes
Series 279. Masters Choice Long Flats 4, 6, 9
Series 2025. Chungking Long flat 4, 6, 10
Series 2085. Chungking Egberts 4, 8
Series 99. Pointed Pure Sable 4/0, 2, 4
Series 105. Masters Choice Fans 4

Series 279. Masters Choice Long Flats 4 8.3 20.4
Series 279. Masters Choice Long Flats 6 12.5 24.3
Series 279. Masters Choice Long Flats 9 17 29.8
Series 2025. Chungking Long Flat 4 9.9 19.2
Series 2025. Chungking Long Flat 6 12.1 25
Series 2025. Chungking Long Flat 10 20.1 33.8
Series 2085. Chungking Egberts 4 9.4 38.4
Series 2085. Chungking Egberts 8 14.7 52.3
Series 99.Pointed Pure Sable 4/0 0.5 6.1
Series 99. Pointed Pure Sable 2 1.95 11.1
Series 99.Pointed Pure Sable 4 2.8 14.4
Series 105. Masters Choice Fans 4 50 20.5

All measurements shown in mm.


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